Todd Drain — Application Developer & UI Designer — Winston-Salem • Greensboro • High Point — North Carolina

I am currently located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and I am looking for a contract, contract-to-hire, or direct-hire full time development position in the Triad region of North Carolina. Any area of the Triad is fine... having lived in Miami and Los Angeles, any area in the Triad is a welcome short commute.

I prefer development in Java EE / J2EE, but have experience with PHP and Coldfusion. My development work associated with Dixie Building Products Inc., of Virginia, is winding down over the summer of 2008.   Resumes of Todd Drain

This page/site is pretty much always "Under Development", and it still is as of today: Sat, February 24, 2018.

Please contact me for references or to schedule an interview if you are in need of a contract, contract-to-hire, or staff developer for N-tier J2EE or Java EE application development, search engine optimization, user interface design, or project management, with a broad background in J2EE, ColdFusion and PHP, on multiple platforms, then contact me.

The sites below reflect my recent design and development work, and my primary non-work interest -- traditional Roman Catholicism.

Professional Work Folio

Since 2003 I have been an independent development consultant, working primarily with Dixie Products. Look for gas logs, grills, stoves, heaters, or fireplaces on any major search engine and you’ll find one of their sites. Visit the main site for great deals.
Before Dixie Products, my work involved a 18 month stint developing the 5.0 milestone release of America’s Job Bank, while with Navisite. America’s Job Exchange, while AJB, was originally funded by the U.S. taxpayers, as a product of the U.S. Department of Labor. It is now operated privately by Navisite using the same original code base.

My responsibilities included the job Seeker section, including the job application process, search and resume builder. Visit America’s Job Bank - the largest job web site in the United States.
I initially joined AppliedTheory Corporation (later to be renamed ClearBlue Technologies and then later merged with Navisite) in early 2000. My commercial responsiblities involved numerous web applications developed in Coldfusion and ASP 3. Developed sites are detailed on my resume, and include job sites, jewelry e-commerce, asset management, cutlery e-commmerce, and team work on numerous other Coldfusion-based sites.
Private Development Work

Very good friends of mine own the best little traditional Catholic goods and bookstore in Tonawanda, New York, a northern suburb of Buffalo -- Pro Multis or The Catholic Bookshop. Visit them for your Catholic gift and book needs, both new and used. I maintain the site, which was a fully customized edition of the open source e-commerce LAMP application, Virtuemart.
I developed and maintain the Roanoke Central Council PTA of Roanoke, Virginia, website, which currently uses a customized deployment of the open source content management software Mambo. Roanoke PTA.
I am currently maintaining and expanding two complementary websites, a traditional Catholic site The application is a customized Wordpress blog. I developed their original site, which the current site still includes artwork and photowork.
A very good camp for inner city youth resides in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Apple Ridge Farm. I developed their original site, which the current site still includes artwork and photowork.
Sally Box has gone through quite a bit of work to supply patterns for traditional Roman and Gothic style Catholic vestments. Check them out.
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